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What is Goldhill Adventure Playground?

Adventure playgrounds are places where children and young people can play freely, meet new friends and have fun while being supervised. We offer both indoor and outdoor spaces where children can express themselves creatively and test themselves physically. By exploring the natural elements which make up the world, (such as earth, water, fire, wood, plants and animals) children can learn how to influence their environment.

The Goldhill High Five

  1. We aim to provide a friendly, caring and secure environment for children and young people.

  2. We aim to improve the understanding of the importance of play and give parents and carers the opportunity to take part in their child’s play.

  3. We aim to encourage a child’s physical, mental and social development through challenging activities.

  4. We aim to offer a play environment which responds to and follows the requests and choices made by children.

  5. We aim to create an environment for equal opportunities.


Play is active

Children enjoy running and jumping. They have a lot of energy. Our timber play structures provide the opportunity for children to stretch their muscles and develop their physical abilities. The structures are designed to provide children with that essential element of risk which makes play adventurous. Physical activity keeps children’s bodies healthy and helps them grow.

It’s fun to think

While playing with others, children practice and develop their language skills. They explore new ways of forming ideas and expressing themselves. Play encourages children to try new ways of thinking and to solve problems.


Making friends

Children need the stimulation of being with other children. While playing together, they learn and develop the social skills they will need in adult life. Children learn to share and to help each other. They learn about winning and losing and how to disagree without fighting.

Let us create

Form a very early age children begin to draw and paint. As children grow they look for many ways in which to express their natural creativity. The wide variety on offer in our play settings stimulate imagination and teach new skills. Video, dance, badge making enameling, face painting, jewellery making and marbling are all very popular activities.


Adventure play staff

As professional play workers, we provide children with a broad range of exciting and creative play opportunities designed to help them develop their full potential. So that we can provide a high quality service, all our staff attend regular training and have achieved or are working towards a National Vocational Qualification in Playwork. Staff can easily be identified by their green shirts. Our staff are always willing to help. If you have any difficulties, please feel free to approach them.

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Evaluation Report 2016-17

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